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Jimmy John Liautaud Gifts Driver a New Car

On a Saturday in October, Jimmy John Liautaud flew to Columbus, Nebraska to make his own delivery. He gifted Jimmy John’s driver, Zach Hillmer, with a new Ford Escape after he responded to a call and gave a veteran a ride to the hospital.

A few days prior, Lisa Nagengast was flying home to help her brother, Greg Holeman, a veteran, after he has spinal surgery. When her flight landed, she received a call from her brother that he was having severe pain in his leg and couldn’t stand up. In a panic, she started to dial the social worker who had been helping her brother recover but accidentally dialed the local Columbus Jimmy John’s shop.

The night shift manager, Jason Voss, picked up the phone and as she explained her brothers situation, Voss quickly realized she didn’t know she had misdialed. He didn’t think it was important to bring it up, he just assured her that he was going to help her. Not being able to leave the store, he sent driver Zach Hillmer to go pick up Holeman. Hillmer picked him up, brought him to the emergency room, and now Holeman is back home recovering.

When Jimmy heard about the act of kindness, he called Hillmer and asked about the car he drove. Hillmer told Jimmy he drove a 1991 Chevrolet Cavalier that he was lending from his parents. Right then and there, Jimmy let him know he was going to give him a new Ford Escape for his kindness and compassion. The next day, Jimmy traveled to Nebraska to deliver the car and thanked Voss and Hillmer.

“He did a random act of kindness, I did a random act of kindness, so that’s what it’s all about,” said Jimmy. ”This is about America and helping people out and helping your teammates out.”