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Northwood High School

Northwood High School

May 14, 2016

Jimmy John Liautaud visits Northwood High School students to share his experiences and give advice.

In May 2016, Jimmy John Liautaud visited Northwood High School in Minong, Wisconsin. He spoke to the students about starting his business but also shared the life lessons he has learned over the years.

The number one lesson he stressed to the students was the importance of hard work. To Jimmy, grades weren’t the most important thing, it was the hard work he put in to outperform the competition that made him a success. In the beginning stages of Jimmy Johns, he worked from open to close, 8am – 2:30am, every day to provide his customers with the highest quality of food. Even today, all of his franchisees run their Jimmy John’s up to the same standards Jimmy had over 30 years ago.

Jimmy also spoke to the students about finding happiness within yourself. No matter how much money he made, his happiness remained the same since he always puts in the effort to make the most out of every day. Jimmy has a lake house in the Northwood School District where he vacations with his family and used to visit with his parents growing up.

After Jimmy’s talk with the student, Senior, Brittany Mann, said, “Because of Jimmy John coming to our school to simply speak I got an opportunity of a lifetime. I was offered an internship in the marketing department of Jimmy John’s. I now know what I want my life to be like and the goals I want to accomplish all because one man made a visit to our small school.”