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Andy’s Frozen Custard Conference

Andy’s Frozen Custard Conference

October 25, 2017

Jimmy John Liautaud speaks at the 2017 Andy’s Frozen Custard “Blueprint: The Key to Our Success” Franchise Conference.

image004On October 25, 2017, Jimmy spoke at an Andy’s Frozen Custard company event, “Blueprint: The Key to Our Success” Franchise Conference. Also speaking at the conference was John Morris, Bass Pro Shops founder & CEO.

Jimmy spoke to Andy’s franchisees about how Jimmy John’s became successful and the ups and downs that came with it. During the speech, he noted that he never planned on Jimmy John’s becoming as successful as it has. His only focus was making sure franchises were profitable and dedicated, that the food was good, and that the customers were happy. As Jimmy said, they never tried to be everything to everyone: Jimmy John’s stuck to their core, making fast sandwiches, and that enabled the company to be successful in light of all disruptors and distractions in the business.